Group retreats

Nature in the heart of Montseny, yoga, meditation, good breathing and healthy meals are the elements to deploy our creativity and get the best version of ourselves.

Workshops and courses

During the year, many workshops are organized guided by very professional people in every subject. Some of them are carried out by Naturalwalks.

Mushrooms: learn about mushrooms and how to identify the poisonous and the edible ones and much more!

Flowers and wine pairing: recognizing different flavours and good wines and explore interesting textures and tastes that awaken you all your senses.

Floral gastronomy: learning about edible plants and fruits around, and how to use them to improve your health.


A real traditional experience in Catalonia! From February to the end of March, we offer some packages that include Calçotades, a Catalan gastronomic experience in a full weekend to enjoy a lot!

Upcoming activities

Do you want to know the next activities we will do in Mas Vilar? We tell you everything on the blog!

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