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Workshop LLavor al Más Vilar – body awareness in Montseny
Publicat el 8 Aug 2021

Classes open to everyone

from Friday to Monday in August from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m
August 2021
These classes are designed for people interested in maintaining body and mental awareness, creativity and relationship with space
In this meeting we will immerse ourselves in nature from the presence that connects us with body consciousness, that mental state that connects with posture, being aware of how my body is or segments
of it according to the environment and the action.
It will be a first contact with the pedagogical work and training that the bailaora Sònia Sánchez has developed from body weather, flamenco and improvisation. To develop the capacity for analysis, awareness and presence.
Beyond form, life is body, mind, soul in motion.
És el moment de trencar amb la disciplina per justament endinsar-se en ella.
Be what we are freely, A unique experience.

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donation € 12 / day- € 40/4 sessions

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